Wellness Drips

  1. Glow- UP  

This beauty drip promotes glowing skin and enhances  overall complexion through the master antioxidant  Glutathione. 

Strengthen nails, and hair.

Ideal before special occasion for extra glow! 

Cleanses and detoxifies the liver 

Protects cells from free radicals 

  1. B-Lean 

Drip and Drop weight with this dose of Amino Acids, &  Blend of B- Complex vitamins 

Burn fat and Boost metabolism 

Great for energy production and to help kickstart weight  loss goals. 

  1. Awakening 

Reenergize to give fresh vitality, combat fatigue. 

Get your bounce back, boost metabolism and feel energized 

  1. Replenish 

Get refreshed and replenished with this drip. Hydrate and  combat fatigue from dehydration. Replenish depleted  vitamins on a cellular level with this drip. Increase immunity  and Boost natural energy levels. 

Great for fatigue and low energy. 

  1. Fountain of Youth 

AKA NAD+ Drip. NAD+ is short for Nicotinamide Adenine  Dinucleotide. NAD+ is a coenzyme that help your cells  “work better”. NAD+ has been shown to play an important  role in brain regeneration and mental performance. Praised 

for its youthful properties, NAD+ may be ideal drip for  individuals wanting to feel and look younger from the inside  out. Additional benefits of NAD+ includes 

Improves mental clarity and mental performance Decreases brain fog 

Boost immune system 

Acts as a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals and  oxidative stress 

Improves depression and mood by boosting production  of neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, and  norepinephrine. 

** Please note you must be an established patient to receive the NAD+ drip.

  1. Immunity 

The immunity drip is great when you need to boost your immune  system and feel better faster. This drip is loaded with doses of Vitamin C and is the perfect infusion to receive at the onset  of illness to help reduce the intensity and duration. Optimal  immunity and resilience for strong defense mechanism .  Improves immunity and increases hydration. Perfect for frequent travelers and prior to taking long trips to build  immunity and give your body the BOOST it needs. 

**All drips are contraindicated for patients with known  Congested Heart Failure, Renal Failure and Liver  Disease.